SHALINI - Colombian Push Up Shorts by BonitaBella

$59.99 $69.99

Brand: Jeans

Product Description

 If you’re looking for an alternative to a butt-lift that has close to the same dramatic enhancing effect of the real thing, then the SHALINI push-up shorts exclusive from CYSM are the natural and instantly-efficient option! Using just strategic seams, bidirectional-stretch fabric and the natural curves of your body, these shorts lift the bottom, making it look fuller, rounder and firmer. Now that’s what we call a figure-flattering makeover worth talking about!

With imperfections, such as rolls and muffin-tops, out of the way, you’re left with a curvy and voluptuous lower-body to make any outfit look flawless! The high-rise waistband and the firm-control of the design are the true flaw-erasers. All you have to do is wear them with a smile and get used to the head-turning effect these shorts have!