SALLY - Colombian Push Up Jeans by Bonita Bella


Brand: Jeans

Product Description

The SALLY jeans are designed to focus all eyes on your best assets, while making sure every inch covered gets a well-defined smooth finish instantly!

● As soon as you zip them up, the perkier, fuller and rounder booty will become a show-stopper, but this pair of glamorous denim bottoms will do much more for your silhouette!

● By redefining your body from the waist down, they give your figure a slender and fit look, with the appearance of longer legs and a lengthened torso.

● The high-rise waistband and top notch bidirectional stretch fabric offer the firm control needed for such stunning and substantial body-remodeling results!

● The fabric is also responsible for how well the jeans hold up over time, since it prevents the jeans from losing their shape or sagging.