RITA - Colombian Push Up Jeans by Bonita Bella

$69.99 $74.99

Brand: Jeans

Product Description

Find the effortless, yet luscious, balance between an office-appropriate pair of denim bottoms and instantly visible body contouring results in the RITA push-up jeans! 

●With just a squeeze into this comfy, smooth and chic pair of jeans, you will be able to melt inches off of your waist, flatten your abdomen, smooth-out your hips and legs; and best of all, give your buttocks a rounder, fuller and perkier look in seconds!

●The bidirectional stretch fabric and high-rise waistband both work to keep you comfortable and 100% flexible in a Shapewear-like pair of butt-lifting jeans.

●The results are quick, effortless, and absolutely envy-worthy! Pair them with your favorite top and enjoy the versatile style; ideal in both office and casual settings.