435 - Braless Compression Bodysuit Boyshort


Brand: Shapers

Product Description

This braless Colombian compression bodysuit is ideal after surgery or postpartum and will enhance your booty, give you a flat stomach, and lift your bust.


 This braless compression bodysuit will enhance and lift your buttocks, give you a flat stomach, and lift your bust.

 The boyshort design with an open crotch gives you maximum support and convenience, all at the same time.

 This Colombian body shaper is ideal for after surgery, postpartum, or whenever you want to shape your curves just right for that cute outfit.

 You'll love how the side zipper placement makes it easy for you to put on this compression shapewear.  

    Take control over your own look and use the compression effect of this boyshort bodysuit to continue wearing your favorite outfits right after giving birth or after surgery. This slimming bodysuit acts as a support system, giving you a flat abdomen, a butt-lifting effect, and an added push-up effect for your bust.

    This braless bodysuit offers you the possibility of wearing your favorite type of bra and enjoying all the benefits of wearing the perfect type of shapewear for an overall gorgeous look!


    • Flattens abdomen / Aplana abdomen
    • Enhance buttocks / Realza gluteos
    • Lifts bust / Realza busto
    Material Ingrediente  Compression 
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