Blue Pants

$49.99 $59.99

Brand: CYSM - FIT

Product Description

 Are you searching for a reason to change your perspective on health and fitness? All the motivation in the world won’t get you to move a muscle if you don’t fall in love with your look before tackling a lifestyle change. That’s why the BLUE PANTS are designed to incorporate performance-enhancing features and body-shaping effects within a trendy and sensual sport-styled gym-appropriate attire! They will help you to get excited about being active and showing off your natural curves!
Using a lightly compressive fabric, the pants prevent love handles and rolls from ruining your look, so what you’re left with are smooth lengthened legs, a flat abdomen, an elevated and rounded butt, and an overall confident attitude of a fashionista that knows she has the right gear for getting awesome figure-flattering results!