OFELIA- Seamless Apparel Body Control by Bonita Bella


Brand: Apparel

Product Description

The OFELIA Seamless Body Control by Bonita Bella is the first form of Shapewear that you won’t have to hide under your daily outfits, because its top has a designer-approved look, which when combined with medium-compression has the instant body-shaping results that you’re used to seeing from CYSM’s other shapers.

●Think of it as a body-remodeling feature that’s fashion-savvy!

● By flattening your abdomen and keeping the extra inches in check, the control body is an ideal choice for any type of outfit combo, being a virtually invisible and minimalist body-shaping garment.

● Its design also enhances your buttocks, eliminating all small imperfections and allowing even the tightest-fitting skinny jeans to fit flawlessly! It’s the answer for a sensual look that’s 100% inhibition free!  

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