NINFA - Colombian Push Up Jeans by Bonita Bella


Brand: Jeans

Product Description

Looking for that pair of jeans that can give you a smooth and well-defined silhouette from the waist down, while still offering a comfortable fit? The NINFA jeans can give you all of that and more! And by more, we mean a gravity-defying perky butt that’s contoured by the jeans using just your natural curves and a top-notch bidirectional stretch fabric! The seams connected to the high-rise waistband offer a substantial butt push-up effect that’s hard to look away from!
To contrast this booty-friendly effect even more, the jeans have excellent tummy-control properties, being able to flatten your abdomen, and prevent muffin tops, love handles and unpleasant rolls. These denim bottoms are also guaranteed to become all-time favorites, since they don’t sag or lose their shape overtime. A pair of curve-hugging miracle workers!