NILAY - Colombian Push Up Jeans by Bonita Bella


Brand: Jeans

Product Description

The NILAY jeans are designed to focus all eyes on your best assets, while making sure every inch gets a well-defined smooth finish instantly! Buy now.

Product description:

  • Focus all eyes on your best assets with these butt-lifting Colombian jeans.
  • Instantly enjoy a well-defined, smooth finish that sculpts your legs and your glutes.
  • Redefine your body from the waist down with the push up jeans that make you look slender and fit.
  • You’ll love how your glamour goes up a notch when you pull on these high-rise waistband butt lifter jeans.

Colombian levanta cola jeans are taking the beauty industry by storm worldwide, and as soon as you zip them up, you’ll see why.

The NILAY jeans give you a perkier, fuller, and rounder booty that will become a show-stopper, but this pair of glamorous denim bottoms will do much more for your silhouette! They’ll also create the illusion of longer legs and a lengthened torso.

The high-rise waistband and top notch bidirectional stretch fabric offer the firm control needed for such stunning and substantial body-remodeling results! The fabric is also responsible for how well the jeans hold up over time, since it prevents the jeans from losing their shape or sagging.


  • 2-way stretch / Stretch bidireccional
  • Lifts buttocks / Realza glúteos
  • Sculpts legs / Moldea piernas
  • Sculpts hips / Moldea hips
  • High waistband / Pretina alta
  • Skinny cut / Corte skinny
  • Pockets / Bolsas