MARLENE - Push Up Jean by BonitaBella

$69.99 $74.99

Brand: Jeans

Product Description

Ready to give your butt its rightful title as your sexiest and most sensual asset? The MARLENE jeans are 100% focused on highlighting the butt-lifting tricks that work on all body types and sizes.

●Thanks to the high-rise waistband and bidirectional stretch, the jeans can lift your buttocks, while adding volume and creating a super-smooth well defined curve.

●By slimming-down your midsection, eliminating the risk of muffin-tops or love-handles, the jeans will shape your natural curves into an hourglass silhouette!

●And such a sensual figure will give you the chance to wear the racy outfits you’ve been too worried to show off!

●With a flat abdomen, toned legs and hips, and a perky round bottom to stand out, this pair of jeans is a class “A” body confidence booster!