MADISSON - Push Up Jean by BonitaBella


Brand: Jeans

Product Description


Firm-up your buttocks in seconds by trying on the MADISSON push-up jeans! You’ll see just how huge of a difference the right pair of skinny jeans can make; not only in the enhanced look of your rear but also in how your entire silhouette gets redefined.

●These curve hugging bottoms use strategic seams, a bi-directional stretch fabric and the compressive nature of denim to sculpt entire your lower body.

●Your abdomen is flattened by the high-rise waistband, your waistline is minimized, with muffin tops and love handles eliminated, while your legs get a slender and smooth look!

●The extra volume added to your butt, using this design, gives your rear a rounder, firmer and perkier appearance, while you get to enjoy comfort and flexibility!