LILIAN - Apparel Body Control by BonitaBella


Brand: Apparel

Product Description

Get a feel of just how comfy, season-friendly and stylish a minimalist form of body-shaping can be by wearing the LILIAN Body Control by CYSM!

● By having medium-control focused on your abdomen, along with enhancing your bust and drawing attention to your most attractive feminine features, the top hides all small imperfections and tucks-in the unsightly muffin tops and love handles we all struggle with! 

● Depending on how you accessorize and your choice of bottoms, the Body can give you a sensual look for a romantic date night or give you an extra touch of elegance during a formal event!

● Either way, any outfit combination will make you look fashion-savvy when you’re rocking a slimmed down waistline and a substantial body-confidence vibe!

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