KORA - Colombian Push Up Jeans by Bonita Bella


Brand: Jeans

Product Description

Searching for your next favorite pair of super-flattering skinny jeans? Look no further than the KORA jeans, because their curve-defining abilities and outfit-matching versatility are guaranteed to make them an instant hit! Thanks to the dark intense wash, this pair of denim bottoms is ideal for office attire, party-night racy outfits, and everything in-between! The possibilities are endless when your curves are sculpted into a slim and smooth silhouette.
With more than just one feature designed to offer you a visibly rounder and fuller butt, the jeans also offers some tummy-control perks. The abdomen is flattened by the high-rise waistband, while muffin-tops and love-handles are prevented by the inch-tucking bidirectional stretch-fabric. These figure-contouring jeans are a fashionista’s best friend, be it for casual or formal wear. Head-turning from passer-bys is just a bonus!