DONIA - Colombian Push Up Jeans by Bonita Bella


Brand: Jeans

Product Description

Even if your beach body is still a work in progress, don’t miss out on all the fun of summer parties by hiding in baggy ill-fitting outfits!  

●We’ve designed the perfect pair of bottoms for an endless list of sexy outfits that show only your best features; the DONIA push-up jeans!   

●They incorporate body contouring features, such as a curve defining bidirectional stretch fabric, an abdomen flattening high-rise waistband, and strategic seams to maximize the effects of the denim’s naturally compressive qualities.

●This pair of skinny jeans is ideal if you’re dealing with small imperfections; because they will tuck in the extra inches around your waistline, eliminating muffin tops, love handles, while also giving your legs a slender more toned look, making them appear longer!