3013 - Bonitabella Antibacterial Jeans Freshener

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Brand: Accesorios

Product Description

Freshen up your jeans and wash them less often with this antibacterial jeans freshener from CYSM. Refresh your denim and prolong the life of your jeans.


 Freshen up your jeans without needing to wash them with this antibacterial jeans freshener from CYSM.

 Your Colombian
levanta cola butt-lifting jeans will last longer when you reduce the number of times you wash them.

 Enjoy the light fragrance and the antibacterial properties of this spray for your jeans.

 You'll love the way this denim refreshing spray lets you keep that new-clothes smell longer.

    CYSM Antibacterial Jeans Freshener is a spray for jeans that kills bacteria and infuses your jeans with an exclusive and exquisite fragrance. The aroma and antibacterial ingredients in this jeans spray are created to give and maintain the sensation of a newly-washed garment.

    When you use this product, your jeans will last longer and feel like new, and you won't have to wash them as often. One of the main causes of jeans getting damaged and deteriorating is simply throwing them in the washer too many times. Don't wash your butt-lifting jeans after every use — make the CYSM Antibacterial Jeans Freshener part of your cleaning routine by spraying it on your CYSM Jeans.

    The most suitable places to focus your application of this spray are waistbands and the intimate front and back part of the jeans. Apply it inside and outside for a better clean sensation.


    • Antibacterial
    • Light fragrance
    • 120 ml