427 - Compressive Posture Corrector Vest


Product Description

This lighter-weight, but effective, body cincher vest, is perfect for postural support with an unnoticeable design. The Compressive Posture Corrector Vest eliminates any issues with the help of criss-cross compressive bands, and a 3-position hook closure. These two features guarantee a comfortable and supportive fit every time you wear the vest!


 This product features 3-position hooks for ultimate adjustability.

 Enjoy the criss-cross compression bands for added postural support.

 An outstanding compressive design that flattens your waistline and lifts your bust.

 The wide, anti-slip band ensures comfort and eliminates pressure off your shoulders.

    If you’re ready to finally invest in women’s shapewear, take the leap with the Compressive Posture Corrective Vest! This body cincher creates a streamlined hourglass figure while correcting your posture and firming your midsection. It also benefits your shoulders by taking the weight off of them, with its anti-slip band. And, it is very versatile with its 3-position hook, for the perfect fit.

    Available Colors: Camel, Rosa/Rose

    Women’s Sizes: Xs, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL

    Material Ingrediente  Compression 
    Uso Recomendado