CATHERINE - Apparel Body Control by BonitaBella

$49.99 $59.99

Brand: Apparel

Product Description

Coming from CYSM’s new collection of apparel tops, the CATHERINE Body Control is a problem solver if your body’s main problem areas are your waistline and arms!

● With gorgeous delicate details, the top’s sleeves will mask small imperfections in your upper arms, directing all the visual attention towards your bust, which becomes the focal-point of your figure.

● Thanks to medium compression, the Body tucks in any extra inches around your waist and keeps unsightly muffin tops and love handles under control!

● The Body is lightweight and skin friendly thanks to the breathable top-quality fabric, which makes it ideal for any season weather and busy days!

● Pair with your favorite pair of skinny jeans or go casual with shorts; the result will always be a silhouette slimming outfit! 

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