Summer Capri

$39.99 $49.99

Brand: CYSM - FIT

Product Description

 Looking for the right combo of cool design, comfortable fit and necessary support for physical activity? Look no further than the SUMMER sport Capri pants! They’ve been designed, top to bottom, to improve your fitness performance and help you feel comfortable while getting in shape! The high-rise waistband, the female-specific seams design, and the ideal pant leg length, are all reasons why these Capri pants can make your workout more efficient while making you look slimmer and hotter!
The hot-factor comes from the awesome design of the Capri pants, but the efficiency is given mostly by the fabric. It allows your skin to breathe, while simultaneously being compressive enough to support your muscles during any workout session, regardless of its intensity. The compressive feature will also flatten your midsection and give your butt a visible lift!