289 - Arms and Bust Shaper Bra with Back Support


Brand: Shapers

Product Description

 If you’re looking for a very particular combination of arm and bust support, when it comes to supportive women’s shapewear, you’d think you’d to have to mix and match a lot before finding the perfect combo. Well that’s not the case with the Arms and Bust Shaper Bra with Back Support!


  Provides back support

  Contours arms and bust

  Discreet under clothing

  Smooths cellulite

This product combines the benefits of having adequate back support, a correct posture, and compression, with a bust enhancing design. The medium compression level is ideal if you’re going through a post-surgery recovery process. The crisscross design on the back creates a seamless support structure that improves your posture, while the high compression design of the fabric around your arms offers a lean and smooth look. It’s a 3 in 1 type of deal that gives you support in all the desired areas, as well as a confidence boost!

Color: Piel/Nude, Negro/Black

Size: S, M, L, XL,2XL

Material Ingrediente  Compression 
Uso Recomendado