242 - Adjustable Surgical Bra With Removable Band


Brand: Shapers

Product Description

Your recovery after cosmetic surgery is important. Choose the perfect recovery bra that provides the needed support, comfort, and help that you deserve.


  Choose the surgical bra that provides you the right amount of support and comfort.

  Enjoy a recovery bra that helps you rather than does damage.

  Feel more comfortable with the adjustable and versatile options on this supportive surgical bra.

  Release the pressure when needed by removing the band that comes with this recovery bra.

    Your recovery after any kind of surgery (such as a breast augmentation surgery) is important, and the perfect recovery bra should provide the needed support, comfort, and help that you deserve. Choose this adjustable surgical bra with removable band when you want a product that will give you just the right combination of these things. The construction of this Colombian shapewear bra will help you to maintain good posture, and the high-quality stretch fabric is an antibacterial material that will be the perfect companion for your post surgery recovery.


    • Post surgery / Post operatorio
    • Cosmetic surgery / Cirugía estética
    • Enhances bust / Realza busto
    • Corrects posture / Corrige postura
    Material Ingrediente  Compression 
    Uso Recomendado