ASPEN - Apparel Body Control by BonitaBella


Brand: Apparel

Product Description

Whether your tummy is still recovering post-partum or you’re just too busy to get rid of the extra inches on your waist at the gym; worry not, we’ve designed the ideal figure-remodeling garment that’s 100% weather approved and a chic fashion-savvy choice for any and all occasions! 

● The ASPEN Body Control by BonitaBella is one of our new waistline slimming miracle workers, which integrates medium control into a garment that’s also bust and butt enhancing, all topped with a trendy look.

● The medium-compression provides a minimalist form of body-shaping that’s concealed by the control body’s design, which means you don’t need to hide it under your day to day outfits.

● Its versatile style makes it easy to pair with anything from office-appropriate pencil skirts to the sexiest pair of denim shorts!

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