ANDREA - Seamless Apparel Body Control by BONITABELLA


Brand: Apparel

Product Description

If you’re looking for a fashionista-worthy top that you can wear in as many ways as you can imagine, the ANDREA Body Control by Bonitabella was designed to fit your adventurous fashion style! 

●With a touch of medium control to eliminate the risk of muffin tops or love handles making an unsightly appearance.

●The Body can be paired with anything from formal business-bottoms to flirty denim skirts, with a stunning look as a result every time!

●With an emphasis on your bust, you’ll surely notice a body confidence boost as well!

●This Body is part of CYSM’s new collection of apparel tops, which has the sole purpose of integrating minimalist body shaping features into high-end designer-approved Bodys

●You can go for skin-tight outfits with zero consideration of stubborn extra inches! and again!

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