613 - Men's Ultra Flex Control Compression Shirt


Brand: Ultra Flex

Product Description

Whether you’re looking for a fashion-friendly posture correcting garment, or you just want an undershirt that can make any top fit flawlessly every single time, CYSM’s Men's Ultra Control Compression Shirt can offer you both those body-shaping perks, and more! Using Bio Therapy technology, CYSM’s designers have lined the garment with antibacterial microcapsules for an odor-free experience and a cool sensation even during your most active hours. The thin and lightweight design also helps you auto-regulate your body temperature.

The ultra-compressive invisible control bands incorporated into the 4-way-stretch Ultra Flex Fabric will not only provide a very comfortable wearing experience, but also flatten your abdomen, support your back and shoulders, and provide a smooth and soft to the touch surface for any of your outfits to fit perfectly on.

Material  Compression 
Uso Recomendado  Ingrediente