612 - Men's High Waist Abdomen Control Boxer Brief


Brand: Ultra Flex

Product Description

Discover the confidence boosting powers of instant abdomen definition by wearing CYSM’s Men's High Waist Abdomen Control Boxer Brief! the fabric on this shaper makes the 4-way-stretch garment go unnoticed, regardless of your outfit choice, while holding a comfortable fit that can provide the same flawless abdomen flattening effect day after day!

Ultra Flex is an extremely flexible and lightweight material, which CYSM designers have lined with antibacterial microcapsules for a fresh and cool sensation. Thanks to invisible ultra-compressive bands incorporated in key areas of the boxer brief, your buttocks receives a visible lift, while your midsection, hips and thighs are shaped to perfection!

Material  Compression 
Uso Recomendado  Ingrediente