483 - Comfort Mastectomy Bra


Brand: Shapers

Product Description


Speed-up your recovery and prevent health-risks associated with poor blood circulation post-surgery by wearing CYSM’s new Comfort Mastectomy Bra, from our collection of Premium Shapewear.

● It is designed to be 100% safe for daily use, having a Bio Therapy micro-capsule coated lining, which gradually releases skin-rejuvenating and hydrating active ingredients, increasing your comfort level significantly!

● The support bra caters to the specific needs of post-mastectomy recovery, offering a double-layered flat lining which keeps the prosthesis in place, and a 2-position gradual front-closure; allowing you to customize the compression level according to your needs.

● The wide adjustable shoulder straps will not only lift your bust into a comfortable and supported position, but also prevent the hunched-over position often associated with post-surgery recovery. 

Material Ingrediente  Compression 
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