471 - Firm Control Bodysuit with Butt-lift


Brand: Premium

Product Description

 Achieving your weight and fitness goals can turn out to be a game of patience, but by wearing the Firm Control Bodysuit with Butt-lift you get to enjoy the entire list of beauty and health benefits that getting in shape and losing weight have to offer! And this happens as soon as you put on the bodysuit and start wearing it! Whether you’re going to the office, or you’re recovering post-partum, the antibacterial fabric and high compression level of the garment are very beneficial to post-surgery recovery, since it reduces swelling and accelerates healing.
The highly compressive design will minimize your waist, give your abdomen a toned look, shape-up your hips and thighs, and give your butt and bust an instant lift. All of these beauty-enhancing effects are backed up by health benefits, such as an improved back posture and a comfortable fit! 
Material Ingrediente  Compression 
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