470 - Posture & Arm Control Push-up Top


Brand: Shapers

Product Description

Create your best cleavage and bust lift, plus compress your upper arms, when you wear this Colombian braless bust and arm shaper. Buy yours today.

Product Description:

  • Create your best cleavage and bust lift when you wear this bust and arm shaper.
  • Wear over any bra for an instant boosting effect that also slims the look of your upper arms.
  • Stand up tall and eliminate back pain with the back support feature of this Colombian body shaper.
  • Enjoy a silhouette to die for, and improve it over time, when you wear this push-up top on a regular basis.

Getting proper control over three of your most outstanding features with just one body shaping garment is now possible, thanks to the multi-targeted effects of the Posture & Arm Control Push-up Top! It will help you maintain a healthy posture, eliminating back pain and making you look slimmer and taller. And the instant makeover doesn’t stop there!

The top will also compress, and in time, trim inches off of your upper arms, which is a problem area for most women! The long-term effects of the top will give you the chance to wear dresses and bathing suits with full body confidence! The bust push-up results come from the 3-hook closure and the over-bust adjustable strap, both of which will give you a look worthy of that little black dress you’ve been wanting to wear!


  • Enhances bust / Realza busto
  • Sculpts arms / Moldea brazos
  • Corrects posture / Corrige postura
  • Post surgery / Post operatorio
  • Cosmetic surgery / Cirugía estética
  • Postpartum / Post parto

Material Ingrediente  Compression 
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