456 - Butt-Lifting Slimming Bodysuit


Brand: Premium

Product Description

If you’re looking for instant and effortless results, you’ve found the perfect undergarment! The Butt-Lifting Slimming Bodysuit is an efficient aid in shrinking problem areas, and lifting the feminine features that you want to highlight!
The bodysuit offers a butt-lifting effect, while the design of the straps accentuates and lifts your bust, regardless of the type of bra you’re wearing! All of this is done with the help of the bodysuit’s compressive design. The ability to wear the garment everyday comes from the addition of comfort-enhancing features, such as adjustable wide straps, the open crotch design, the weight-loss stimulating thermal latex layer, and the use of a smooth antibacterial fabric.
Material Ingrediente  Compression 
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