3109 - Strapless Underbust Ultra Slimming Leggings


Brand: Seamless

Product Description

The Strapless Underbust Ultra Slimming Leggings will put any other pair of bottoms you’ve ever worn to shame! The all-over coverage of the leggings will allow you to minimize large targeted problem areas, which means your abdomen, back and legs will enjoy a total makeover! While the seamless microfiber design allows your skin to breathe, and you to wear the leggings comfortably daily, the curve-defining and butt-lifting abilities of the garments are not compromised!
Comfort, smoothness and instant butt-lifting results are all guaranteed! The under-bust coverage is secured using an anti-slip silicone band and additional handles. The leggings stay in place while you enjoy an instant substantial head-to-toe figure remodeling. The high-rise waistband tucks in all the extra inches, lengthening your torso and making sure to smooth out every inch that’s covered!

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