3108 - Seamless Abdomen Control Butt-Lifter Leggings


Brand: Seamless

Product Description

The Seamless Abdomen Control Butt-Lifter Leggings are designed to take care of all the problem areas that most women have to deal with, starting with their midsection! The wide compressive control waistband of the leggings not only guarantees that muffin-tops, love handles, and other unaesthetic bulges disappear, but it also makes sure the leggings don’t roll down while you go about your day! The seamless microfiber design makes them perfect for a figure-redefining and comfortable daily use!
The invisible compressive control bands that allow the leggings to offer you an instant butt-lift while toning the legs and flattening the abdomen are the real miracle workers! Your now smooth and slim silhouette will be ready for any choice of tight-fitting tops. Depending on how you choose to accessorize, the leggings can be worn as casual or elegant. Compliments and head-turns guaranteed!

Material Compression
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