1588 - Seamless Strapless Thermal Full Body Shaper


Brand: Seamless

Product Description

Running low on patience while working on the perfect hourglass-figure? Let the Strapless Thermal Full Body Shaper take you quicker and easier to your goal-silhouette, using a compressive medium-control design and an internal thermal-active layer, which even during low intensity physical activity will help you burn calories faster and more efficiently! The seamless microfiber top-quality fabric allows your skin to breathe easily and self-regulate for a comfortable body-temperature, which makes this thermal body shaper a gym-essential.
With incorporated invisible control bands, the shaper will flatten your abdomen, trimming inches off of your waistline, sculpt your hips and thighs, while also lifting your buttocks and giving it a rounder perkier look. All these figure-remodeling benefits are paired with comfort-enhancing features, such as the anti-slip silicon under-bust control band, which is doubled by additional handles that you can hook onto your bra!

Material Compression
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