1586 - Seamless Targeted Compression Slimming Thermal Bodysuit


Brand: Seamless

Product Description

If your ideal look includes a perky bottom that’s highlighted by smooth curves and toned legs, then the Seamless Targeted Compression Slimming Thermal Bodysuit is the perfect quick-fix solution! The seamless microfiber bodysuit offers you the possibility to sculpt and firm-up your bottom, without hiding it under a compressive fabric. The invisible control bands of the bodysuit help target the areas where the garment lifts, and where it flattens and tones.

The abdomen and back are the main areas that are flattened and minimized, while the legs get a toned, firm and smooth look, starting from the hips, down to the ankles. This type of curve definition is accompanied by the fabric’s amazing stretch recovery ratio, which means your bodysuit will give you a slim and sensual figure time and time again, even when worn daily! The removable straps and open-crotch intimate area are extra comfort-enhancing features!

Material  Compression 
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