1581 - Seamless Instant Remodeling Slimming Thermal Bodysuit


Brand: Seamless

Product Description

Looking for a complete body transformation that doesn’t require countless hours at the gym and a fad diet? We’re here to introduce you to the next best thing in terms of fast and efficient full-body sculpting, and it is the Seamless Instant Remodeling Slimming Thermal Bodysuit! The seamless lightweight microfiber design has allowed us to turn the classic intimidating compressive bodysuit into a comfortable, soft and highly durable second-skin garment!
With its figure remodeling abilities tucking in inches from the under-bust area, down to your ankles, this silhouette transforming bodysuit offers a one-fits-all solution for all problem areas! The invisible compressive control bands will lift your butt, enhance your bust, minimize your waistline, support your back and tone your hips, thighs and legs. Accompanied by a sleek lingerie feel and excellent skin breathability, the bodysuit can be worn daily. Its thermal active properties will also accelerate fat loss when worn at the gym!

Material  Compression 
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