1580 - Seamless Underbust Body Shaper in Boyshort


Brand: Seamless

Product Description

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Enhance your booty, hide rolls, bulges, muffin tops, and love handles, and enjoy flat a stomach with our Seamless Underbust Body Shaper in Boyshort.


 Create a full and round bottom that is firm and stands out with our Seamless Underbust Body Shaper in Boyshort.

Enjoy a smooth and flattened waist, back, and hips as you hide rolls, bulges, muffin tops, and love handles.

Get the body-confidence boost that you deserve when you transform your silhouette with this Colombian Cachetero Térmico body shaper.

You can use this body shaper every day due to the high-quality, seamless microfiber fabric that resists odors while providing effective compression.

    Ladies, it’s time for you to stop struggling to find what to wear. As soon as you put on this Colombian shapewear product that enhances your booty, you’ll have a smooth, flat abdomen and be able to wear that cute, form-fitting top or dress that you love!

    The perkiness of your buttocks and the slim look of your abdomen will make you want to wear the body shaper day in and day out! And thanks to the seamless lightweight microfiber design, you can! Your skin can breathe; you have freedom of movement and, best of all, you have a flawless figure to show off!

    For maximum comfort and versatility, the underbust body shaper has removable straps, additional handles, an anti-slip silicone band, and an open-crotch intimate area. Thanks to the thermal active compressive fabric, this garment will not only tuck in the extra inches around your waistline, hips, and back, but it will also help you burn off fat faster, when accompanied by a balanced diet and an active lifestyle!


    • Thermal / Térmico
    • Flattens Abdomen / Aplana Abdomen
    • Enhances Buttocks / Realza Glúteos
    • Sculpts Hips / Moldea Caderas
    Material Compression
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