1337 - Double Control Waist Cincher


Product Description

Get ready to rock any outfit with our women’s shapewear to create an hourglass figure and a well defined waistline! This Double Control Waist Cincher was created for women that love the feeling of a smooth and well sculpted mid-section.


This double-effect garment includes a waist cincher, with a 3-position hook closure

High-waist panty that accentuates the inch-trimming effect of the cincher.

This type of ultra-compressive garment is also perfect if you’ve recently had any type of surgery, or if you’ve given birth.

It allows your midsection to have a quick and healthy recovery, while giving you a flawless look every day!

    Melt away inches from your waistline with this ultra-compressive body cincher, perfect for postpartum and post-surgery procedures. Give yourself a healthy recovery and adjust the waist trainer — with its 3-position hook — to fit your needs! Say hello to your flawless new midsection.  

    Available Colors: Piel/Nude, Negro/Black

    Available Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL

    Material Ingrediente  Compression 
    Uso Recomendado