295 - Top-to-Bottom Arms and Legs Full Body Shaper


Brand: Premium

Product Description

Create a catwalk-worthy figure with the Colombian full-body shapewear product that targets all areas: bust, arms, abdomen, butt, and legs. Buy yours today.


  Create a catwalk-worthy figure with the full-body shaper that targets all areas.

  Get a curved and flawless look on your arms, legs, waist, and butt.

  Support your back and enjoy the slimming effect on your midsection with this entire body shaper.

  This body shaper is known worldwide as the Colombian

    If targeted compression just doesn’t do the trick for you, then you should try the all-inclusive solution for a curved and flawless look! The Top-to-Bottom Arms and Legs Full Body Shaper targets all areas, offering support and an amazing inch-trimming effect.

    The most visible results of this body shaper are a slimming effect on arms, legs and midsection, and a butt-lifting effect. You’ll also get excellent back support. The adjustable and removable strap has a push-up effect that enhances the position and support of your bust. Use the Top-to-Bottom body shaper to have a catwalk-worthy figure, or to help and speed up a post-surgery or postpartum recovery process.


    • Flatten stomach / Aplana abdomen
    • Enhance buttocks / Realza gluteos
    • Enhance bust / Realza busto
    • Mold hips / Moldea cadera
    • Slim arms / Moldea brazos
    • Mold legs / Moldea piernas
    • Correct Posture / Corrector postura

    Material Ingrediente  Compression 
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