3 - Butt-Enhancing Padded Panty with Silicone Pads


Brand: Accesorios

Product Description

 Sometime you just have to give mother-nature a bit of help! A curvy, well rounded, butt can do wonders for your figure, and consequently, it can make an outfit go from “okay” to “Wow”! The Butt-Enhancing Padded Panty with Silicone Pads is a simple and discrete way of getting an instant butt-lift!
The panty has a medium-compressive design, so even on its own it will have a butt-enhancing effect! The real miracle workers are the silicone pads that fit unnoticeably as they cup your cheeks. Once you see how this garment chances the look of your butt, you’ll be using it constantly! No more dresses that only have a front view! It’s time for your rear to steal the show!
Material  Compression