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Practical Tips From A Desperate Mom To Be

To be honest, writing this blog took me a while to finish, not because I lost words or my sanity upon writing. But it is the fact that I have to talk about a topic that gives me mixed emotions – excitement, fear, sadness, frustration, shame, hope, anxiety etc. – maybe because it is the deepest seated longing that I silently kept inside for almost seven years now, “becoming a mother”.

I have watched different videos from YouTube of pregnancy revelations. There are simple and sweet, there are melodramatic and there are super cool or should I say extravagant in terms of production. But all-in-all it boils down to the fact that every announcement of a baby coming soon is welcomed with so much excitement, true enough that babies are “bundles of joy” whether they are planned or unplanned. And all the mothers who have made their revelations were cheered with happiness and loved by their families.

I can’t help but imagine how it will be like when it’s my turn to do my own revelation. But enough for now, and let’s just focus on these simple and practical tips I’d like to share to all the first time mommies. You might have received different advises and for sure they are all good but pregnancy is not a one size fits all kind of thing. So read on and you might get a helpful titbits from these practical tips gathered by a “desperate mommy to be”, who else but ME. I’ve done practical research a.k.a. “ask the experienced moms” and closely observe the mommies I aspire to be like when I get pregnant in the NEAR future. (Have I emphasized it enough?!)



       1. Have Yourself A Strong Support Group

Blame it to your changing hormones but pregnant women are prone in becoming overly emotional. The things that might not bother you before do piss you off all of a sudden. My sister and I are total opposites; she has a very passive personality, while I am too emotional. But when she gets pregnant it is as if my soul suddenly possessed her. She cries over the simplest thing and she doesn’t understand why. And it lasted even few months after she delivered her baby.
This is why a strong support group serves a safety net when you feel you don’t even understand yourself. They can help you pull yourself together when it seems like you lose the grip on your own emotions.

2. Care For Yourself As Much As You Care For Your Baby

EAT WELL. It may seem impossible to keep your appetite all the time but keeping yourself “well fed” will help you sustain the energy you need while your body is transitioning from an end consumer to food producer. Like a food factory it needs fresh raw materials and efficient machines to produce high quality food. Your body needs proper diet to function efficiently and produce high quality milk for your baby.


HAVE ENOUGH SLEEP. You might ask me how? Specially, when you’re on the last trimester of your term where you can feel a sudden movement inside your tummy, as if a little dinosaur is excited to come out anytime. Honestly, I don’t know because I don’t have a first-hand experience. But based on my “practical research” these may help you get enough sleep.
  • Take glass of milk before bed, this works as long as you don’t have an acid reflux.
  • Avoid drinking too much water 1-2 hours before bed. Pregnant women urinate more often than usual. Therefore, if you drink more water before you sleep, pee breaks can interrupt your sweet slumber.
  • Get a comfy support; it can be extra pillows on your sides or maternity pillows. These can help you lay down comfortably for better sleeping position.


DRESS COMFORTABLY. Being pregnant is not an excuse to dress up lousily. It can be burdensome at times to get up and took a regular shower especially when you can’t even wear your own underwear all by yourself. But before you gave in to that urge in sulking into sweat pants and ratty shirts the whole nine months and beyond. Get yourself a good pair of maternity shapers that not only help you keep your hourglass silhouette but will also provide you necessary compression to avoid sagging skin and unpleasant side bulges. Though love handles can be cute and totally okay, there is also nothing wrong if you want to keep them under control.

MIND YOUR POSTURE. Based on studies bad posture or worst, osteoporosis, can develop or progress during pregnancy when calcium deficiency is highly possible. And when most women care less about how they sit or walk as long as they feel comfortable. But don’t fall to the trap of temporary comfort which can cause serious problem to you in the long run. Wear Maternity Shapers, these are shapers that gives necessary support to your body. Try the ones that have adjustable bands to make sure that you can still wear them even after you gave birth.

Keep Your Glow. Moisturize your skin inside and out, how? You can moisturize your skin from the inside through proper diet, enough sleep and supplements; ask your OB for best advice about supplements. But for outside moisturizer, you can use organic moisturizer and body firming gel to keep your skin more vibrant.
I recommend organic moisturizer to avoid harmful chemicals invade your system specially that you are pregnant. And for body firming gel, choose the natural formulation as well because you will mostly need them during lactating period. Where in you will notice the stubborn cellulite on your tummy where you sheltered your precious baby. Again, there is nothing to be shame about cellulite and stretch marks because those are to be considered battle scars of women who won life. However, there is also nothing wrong too, if you want to carry them with more grace.

Please do take my tips with a grain of salt, as I stated from my intro these are practical tips from a “desperate mom to be”. Some may work for you, others may not but one thing is for sure this “desperate mom to be” only wishes the best for you and your baby.

Cheers to your healthy pregnancy and safe delivery Mommy!!!

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