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How To Improve The Effectiveness Of Your Workout

Here at Bonita Bella, we love empowering women to feel beautiful both on the inside as well as on the outside! We want to make this possible for women by offering shapewear, waist trainers, Colombian push up jeans, and compression workout clothes that will make you feel confident and sexy no matter what you’re doing. For your next workout, shop our compression workout clothes to enhance your workout, and keep reading to learn some ways you can get the most out of your workout with our tips on improving the effectiveness of your workout!

Top Tips For The Most Effective Workout

#1. Train smarter, not longer.

We’ve got some great news, you really don’t need to spend an hour on the treadmill to get great results from your workout. Instead, the majority of your workouts should be about 30 minutes long, and they should be focused more around high-intensity intervals which work to improve your cardiovascular health and muscle strength.

#2. Don’t forget the protein.

Regardless of the type of diet you’re following, protein after a workout is essential in order to build your muscles back up. It’s best to get your protein after a workout from an actual meal as opposed to a protein shake. Consider having eggs, meat, quinoa, or tempeh after your next workout to refuel. Having protein before a workout isn’t a bad idea either!

#3. Shake it out.

By this we mean don’t forget to stretch! You should warm up before a workout and cool down after. Do some light exercises and stretches before and after your workout to ensure your muscles are loose and flexible to avoid strains.

#4. Mix it up.

If you’re used to doing a particular set of exercises, be sure you mix it up a few times a week with a different routine. The point of exercising is to challenge your body with new movements. Your progress may become static if you don’t try new things. You can also try to incorporate a new muscle group into an exercise you like. If you enjoy doing lunges, simply add hand weights to make the movement a little more impactful.

#5. Proper form is key.

The exercises you’re doing will really only benefit your body if you’re doing them properly. Improper form can lead to injuries and a less effective workout. Try recording yourself with your phone or watching yourself in a mirror when you do certain exercises to ensure that your form is right.

Follow these tips for an effective workout, and be sure to get the compression workout clothes you need from us here at Bonita Bella. Shop our gym training gear now!

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