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The Four "S" to Manage Stress

One of the constant things we all encounter on a daily basis is stress. Some people try to avoid it as much as possible. But according to research stress is not completely bad for us since it can push us to deliver what is demanded from us, just think about the recent deadline you’ve met that make you realize your full potential.

However, stress can drain us when it becomes chronic, meaning you don’t get any benefit from it. Instead, it’s taking a toll on your health causing you sleepless nights, poor eating habits either binging or loss of appetite and sometimes serious health conditions such as hypertension, heart disease, obesity and depression.

Though it is really hard to keep the balance as much as possible we have to manage our stress before it overwhelms us. So here are some proven techniques to keep stress on bearable level base on the research conducted by the American Psychological Association.


 coffe break


Taking a break from the stressor even for a few minutes can help us immerse ourselves in the challenge we are facing. It is true that we can’t just leave work whenever our boss is pressuring us. But a 20-minute coffee or meditation break can do the trick to help us view things from a different perspective.


women excercising

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Sometimes when we are too stressed we just want to doze off as if sleep can shrink out our anxieties. However, we have to realize that body and mind benefit more when we exercise. A consistent workout can give us long-term benefits like boosting our immune system. But a quick exercise such as walking, running, dancing or swimming for 20 minutes on the midst of a stressful moment can give us an instant fix and it can last for a few hours.


happy people

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We are not talking about prescription drugs that we can pop up whenever we’re stressed. The happy pill that we suggest is the group of people who can listen and laugh with us to lighten up our mood. Though it is suggested that we should laugh or smile even when we’re alone but isn’t it more fun to do it with a group of people who are after our wellbeing.


woman medidating



Some alone time to reflect or pray is really beneficial for us to relax our mind and body. Meditation helps us release deep-seated stress because we are becoming more aware and in touch with our emotions. Often times the stress we feel comes from emotional baggage we unnecessarily carry. Let go of that baggage and forgive not only for the sake of those people but for your own sanity.

Life is still beautiful we just need to know how to live it well even stress of different shapes and sizes confront us on a daily basis. We just need to keep in mind that we are the one who should manage stress and not the other way around.

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