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holiday stress


Even though we try to be calm and collected there is something in this season that gives us a different kind of rush. So before it snap you out of your sanity let’s figure together how to bail out a portion of this holiday stress.

Looking back on my childhood, Christmas is the holiday I always looking forward to. Not only because of the presents I receive from my parents. But it is also the season when family gatherings are set. It is our family tradition to visit our grandparents during Christmas break and spend New Year with our other relatives. Growing up in this type of culture have engraved in me the essence of Christmas, which is to be with the people you love and for me that was totally cool. Until my innocence was turned into awareness and wish list becomes obligation list.

A chaotic shift you might think but this is not an isolated case. Have you heard of Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale? It is a psychiatric research done by Thomas Holmes and Richard Rahe in 1967. The study was published and later on tested in 1970, it was assessed against different population within United States and cross-culturally, comparing research results with other nationalities. This study has established the link between life events, stress points and the risk it can cause to the health of an individual. And among the life events that affect the stress level of both young and adult population are social events, change on financial state and even family reunions. And yes, all of these events are taking place simultaneously during holiday season and mostly during Christmas. Therefore, don’t feel bad if you have reached the point where you are wishing this season to end fast. Because as human we are created with natural defense mechanism that tends to react  to protect us whenever it is being threatened by stress or pain.

But wait! Hold on and don’t drop Christmas celebration just yet! Because we are created with the ability to cope. Now that we are already aware of this triggering factors we should plan ahead so we can bout with these stressors point blank as they confront us this season.

#1 Social Events

Christmas Parties

An average sociable individual usually get two to five party invites during this holiday season. Sometimes we feel obligated to attend all of these events since it’s Christmas! But that’s the main reason why we often feel over stressed. We attend parties we don’t really need to attend, mingle with the group of people we don’t really like and spend our money for the presents we bought just to say, “we also have something to give”. I’m not saying that you need to say NO to every invitation you will get. But try to set limitations and prioritize those events that you think you will really enjoy. Socializing is not about attending all the parties in town but it is those conversations you enjoy with the company of people you value. It is those gatherings that nourish friendships or allow you to meet new people that can add significant color to your life

#2 Money Matters

Christmas Sale

We cannot stop stores from putting up sale banners for everyone to see. But we can discipline ourselves and stick to a healthy budget plan. Though Black Friday and Cyber Monday are all part of history now, and this planning may be a bit behind the schedule, still it can save you from breaking your bank account for Christmas shopping rush. If you still need to buy Christmas gifts, make a list and set a budget. Yes, this is a season of giving but it doesn’t have to cause you financial turmoil after, as you maxed out your credit cards.

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#3 Family Gathering

Family Christmas Reunion

As the saying goes “blood is always thicker than water”, so even though there are times you want to cut your ties with them, you just can’t. Therefore, give your best effort to be tolerant and loving as much as you can. But that doesn’t mean you need to drop everything and conform to every request they have. There are times that compromising is good but there are also times that you need to make a stand. Besides you can always say NO without losing your respect and love for them. Just always keep in mind, no pressure, no presents, or parties can replace the love and support of a family. So before you keep yourself busy wrapping your gifts, fixing the party needs or preparing your place for them, make sure that your relationship with them is in good shape. Who knows all you need to prepare is simple breakfast table and a good old stories to share.

We can’t stop the days from passing so ready or not Christmas is coming. We can’t lock up ourselves and be antisocial forever, therefore we cannot hate Christmas and be hands down dismissive, the question is:

How are you gearing for this season? Are you ready to welcome Christmas with delight or with fright?

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