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5 Simple Steps to a Happier You

Do you know that an estimated 121 million people around the world are currently suffering from some form of depression? And in United States, 1 in every 10 Americans have symptoms of clinical depression and this number increases approximately 20% per year. It is sad that depression can cripple us if not properly addressed. So before we fall to the number of this statistic let’s talk about these simple things we often overlooked but can actually save our sanity.


1. Coping gracefully with change.

Studies show that those people who have gone through divorce and unemployment are more likely to suffer from depression. Coping with these kind life changing events are not easy but we need to keep in mind that change is inevitable. Instead of dwelling on your lost, you can focus your effort with the things that can help you to deal with your situation. I for one, was forced to quit my job; it was so depressing that time because I’m on the peak of my career as an accountant, when I was diagnosed with my health problem and I’m just 26 then. But on that lowest point of my life, I decided to rekindle my passion for writing. Fast forward to present, now writing is my bread & butter.


2. Surround yourself with TRUE FRIENDS.

TRUE FRIENDS are the one who will remain honest with you, even with the ugly truth because they will not comfort you with lies. They are the one who will help you grow at your best.


3. Know who your cheer leader is.

Your cheer leader is your confidant with whom you can be who you really are without being judged. The person who can make you trust yourself when doubts take the best of you.


4. Be grateful.

If you are always thankful to whatever circumstances you are in, you are robbing the sting of sadness. Yes, it is not easy to always look at the silver lining of each situation but if you commit yourself into it, it is possible. If difficult people have trained themselves to scrutinize other people’s action and they become good at it, then it only proves that it is possible for us to control our mind and emotions to whatever direction we want. So always channel your mind and your heart with gratitude.


5. Make things happen.

Happiness is a decision. You need to constantly choose to be happy. Depending your happiness with someone or something is a recipe to disaster. There are things that happen beyond our control but we can decide how are we going to react and that will make a lot of difference if we act accordingly.

The bottom line is, you cannot expect happiness to come and stay if you are not decided to keep it.

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