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Time Out!

When was the last time you look up in the sky and observe the clouds as they move?

Living in the present time we are often caught up by our busy schedules and overwhelming workloads. It is so easy to say that the key to fully live your life is to do everything today as you still have time. But, really? Can you honestly say that you live each moment that passes you by?

I’m one of those people who live by the book. I plan ahead and keep my calendar updated to make sure that I won’t miss anything important. From the morning routines up to the last errand I have to run before bed, I have it all in my checklist. But being confronted by hypertension in the age of thirty, I was struck by reality and I have to ask myself again, “have I really live my life to the fullest?”

Sometimes it is really hard to keep your hands off the keyboard and your eyes from the monitor of your computer especially if you have works that you want to finish. Or for a working mother, I can imagine your dilemma when you went home at night and you have to be a mother and a wife after your long day in the office. The guilt that hit you if you can’t be a hundred percent mother and wife after being an efficient employee for your company the whole day or vice versa. But before all of these hustle and bustle, and all other stressors suffocate you, you have to STOP!

Do not argue and do yourself a favor, because we CAN and we NEED to take a break!

Here are three simple ways to slow down a bit and keep your sanity for good.

Have a moment of serenity every morning; DO NOTHING!

You might have read articles about morning routines of successful people, that they started their day early. Well, there is nothing wrong with getting up early and be at your office before your work schedule. We don’t advise you to start your day by being tardy.  But try to include at least 5 to 10 minutes on your morning routine to just enjoy your thoughts flowing in and out. You can do this while having your coffee. Some people advice to do meditation and for some they do their prayers, there is nothing wrong with that. But what I propose here is for you to completely let what is running inside your head finds its place to settle.  It’s not that I encourage you to be idle, but that 5 to 10 minutes of finding your inner peace every morning is a good point to start your day with clear perspective and refreshed mind.


Savor mini breaks throughout the day.

Thinking that your employer or manager will hate you for doing this? If your answer is YES, you have to cut it out a.s.a.p! What I mean by mini breaks are those 30 seconds that you can take your eyes away from your monitors, those few seconds to have a feel of your breathing. Neurologists have proven with different studies that oxygen in our brain plays vital role in our productivity. And lacking enough oxygen in our brain can cause serious health problems and can be fatal in severe cases. Have you noticed how your body reacted with stress? If you experience faster heartbeat and headache when you are pushing yourself to meet deadlines, then take it as a clue that your body needs help. It’s plain and simple, pause for a while, rest your feet on the floor, sit up straight and then take a deep inhale and exhale, done!


As how Harry S. Truman put it “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.” Sometimes we are challenged by situations that we cannot avoid, like that pile of papers on your table today. Whether you like it or not you need to finish your work. But how will you able to complete it efficiently if stress is taking its toll on you? DISCONNECT and get out pronto! I’m not suggesting doing it inside your office, of course as much as possible we don’t want to get you into trouble when your colleagues started to give their questioning look on you. So what I suggest is take advantage of your lunch break. Go out of your office and take a walk, find a place where you can be alone and enjoy your lunch undisturbed. Turn off your phone and on your way back to your office try to take your own pace not pressured by your work or your time. Look around, have you noticed how the streets changed their color as the trees changing their dress? Maybe busy urban street is not a happy sight to look at during rush hours but even that busy traffic was laid under the beautiful sky. It only means if you look around and you haven’t seen anything pleasing to your eyes then you can always try to look up. Or you can do it the other way, look up before you look around that way you won’t get disappointed.

These things are not that new to all of us, but these simple things are the ones we often forget when we are carried away by our daily "life". These are simple things that we all need to do every day to find rest in this restless time and serenity as things become chaotic.

What do you do to cope with the speedy train of your life

and what make you so sure that you live every minute of it?


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