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Easy Habits That Will Keep You Fit

You might have planned to workout and have a healthy lifestyle this 2015 or had put it on the top of your New Year's resolutions list, but the year is almost over and you haven’t started step one. You have all sorts of excuses, from the busy schedule, to too many roles you’re juggling, your body don’t agree with strenuous activities, tight budget and that limited space at home that won’t even allow you to have a decent crunches.  Honestly, those are all lame excuses, but don’t be sad we’re here to help you map it out and make your crazy life in tune to healthy living.

#1 Take a Walk

According to scientific studies brisk walking is one of the best exercise you can do every day. If you are working 8 hours a day and the only walk you have on your routine is from one cubicle to another or from your table to the pantry then try to add more. Allot at least 30 minutes of your time every day on your feet, you don’t really need to do it with your stilettos on for it will definitely kill your legs, but the point is dedicating at least ample amount of time walking or brisk walking everyday will surely make your heart happy and on the go for the day’s work.

#2 Try to Learn New Sports

We understand that going to the gym everyday can be boring at times and it is really seldom that you can find someone who will be as dedicated as you are and is willing to religiously join you doing your routines. But trying to go out of your comfort zone and explore unsurveyed territory of sports, you might have friends that are into cycling, basketball or tennis then ask them favor to coach you. You might get surprise with yourself when you discover an athletic genes sleeping inside your system. So what if you are not a pro player? Remember the key here is you are trying something NEW that can give you a boost of excitement to sweat out while having fun.

#3 Grow Some Greens

Okay, we understand that your health doesn’t allow you to do strenuous activities but that is not an excuse to lock up yourself and allow your body to gradually deteriorate without even trying to win your health back. There are different studies that proves gardening as therapeutic, yes it requires you to bend a little and lift a little but like a growing plant this activity takes time therefore you are not forced to keep your body move with the count. By growing plants you are able to build different routine and this somehow challenge you to get up earlier than usual and be outside than lazily stay indoors doing nothing waiting for a fairy godmother to appear and sprinkle its magic dust to restore your youth - which is unquestionable won't happen. So go outside and dig some earth for your health sake!

#4 Water Aerobics

This is one of the best exercise for individuals who need physical rehabilitation without too much physical pressure, plus you can do this with your kids because they will definitely enjoy water. This can be perfect during summer, but there are fitness centers that allows you to do water aerobics all year round without acquiring hypothermia, they have ways. The point is you can do this outside and you can enjoy it with the company of your loved ones who also love water activities.

#5 Turn Off Your Gadgets And Play With Your Kids

Set quality time with your kids and play with them, do anything that will help you sweat out. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone. You burn the calories you want out from your body, plus you bond with your kids. Do it while they still enjoy it, sooner or later they will plan activities on their own and you’ll not be included in it, so before it happen take advantage of their willingness today to spend time with you. And for me this is the best workout you will enjoy and will undoubtedly give you priceless result, a healthier body and healthier bond with your children. So get your picnic basket pack healthy snack and go to the nearest park with them. Always remember other than the fun and burned calories, the best thing you accomplished here is you have shown them you love them, because the best way to express your love to anyone is spelled as T-I-M-E. 

Health is one of the precious gifts we received from God and how we take care of our body is one of our way to express our gratitude to Him for this gift. A sad irony in life is we work 24/7 to earn for a “living” but later on the fat savings in our bank account can’t even buy us an ounce of health or an extra minute to run from the death bed. Choosing to live a healthier lifestyle should be non-negotiable and clearly basic, however we have to admit most of us only try to make wiser choices when our body starts to shout for help. So here we lay easy habits anyone could try to infuse with their daily routine and we’re hoping that with these simple suggestions we could help you make the right choice today.

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