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Practical Ways to Organize Your Closet

No space for your new purchases?! Well, it’s either you’re a big spender, your closet is too small or you just need to check your inventory and tidy your compartments a bit. So before you make your another rounds of shopping take a look first on your closet and make an honest assessment, you might need to declutter your drawers. You’ll never know, you might found neglected pieces that can help you save your budget on your next shopping spree. Here are three practical reminders you have to consider to keep your closet in shape.


#1 Turn Off Your Emotional Radar

I’m not saying that you throw away your wedding gown or that pink baby wrap you “first” used on your “first” baby. Yes, these pieces are priceless for they hold precious memories but what I’m trying to propose here, is get real when you are deciding which pieces need to stay or to go. I believe that the first two examples I have given are much important than the bride’s maid dresses you collected from the weddings of your close friends and relatives. You can keep sentimental items but be selective. You can let go of pieces like those bridesmaid dresses besides there are tons of pictures that hold the memories and show you wore them on those special occasions. Remember hoarding old clothes is not the perfect way to immortalize happy memories, for if that’ll be the case then you have to fill your house with cabinets as you accumulate memories every day.


#2 Size, Color and Style

If you really want to organize your closet give it enough time and be willing on sorting all your clothes out. One of the common mistake we commit is buying clothes without really “fitting” it on. Once we check the size tag that it is on our size and the zippers or buttons fit in when we try it, it’s done deal. But now that the hype of shopping is down, face the mirror and try on all your clothes. You will definitely found pieces that limit your movements because the size or the cut is not really flattering for you; or colors that don’t serve you well now that the lights you have at home is different from those at the fitting rooms in the malls you visited. Well, I know it’s really disappointing to find these pieces you bought with your hard earned money and use space on your closet but doesn’t benefit you well. There are still ways to lessen the damage, take a second look on the pieces that can be altered to bring into your size or reshape into something that complements your figure. BUT take into consideration as well the cost of alterations v.s. the cost of buying new one.  Again the goal is to keep the items that can be useful and eliminate the pieces that eat space of your closet but don’t serve their purpose.


#3 Fashion Statement and Functionality

Commercialism is on its full swing changing the buying culture of the market, unlike before you need to drive to malls to see what’s new and buy fashion magazines to identify what is really “IN”. Today, with few clicks you have all the variety of clothes online and even known designers have online channels to showcase their latest collections. And because of the fast dissemination of fashion trends, functionality becomes secondary to fashion statement. Check all the clothes that you have and be honest on your assessment, you will find clothes that you bought but can hardly remember how many times you wear them or worst there might be some items on your closet that still have their tags on because you haven’t wear them even once. Remember that not everything that looks nice on those models that you are following on Instagram will look perfect on you, the power of technology is limitless Photoshop and filters can do wonders to make it look perfect. Therefore the best and still the simplest way to determine which clothes to keep is how comfortable and confident you are when you wear them. Fashion statement is not about how trendy you look when you pull off your outfit but it is the amount of confidence you can muster on every clothes you wear. Nothing is fashionable about wearing clothes that stole the smile from your lips because you are not comfortable wearing them. As how Hubert de Givenchy put it, “The dress must follow the body of a woman, not the body following the shape of the dress.”


These are simple steps to keep your closet tidy, but consistent effort is still needed to keep it on perfect shape. Hopefully these reminders can also help you make wiser buying decisions. Remember piling clothes that you can't wear is not only a waste of space on your closet but entirely a waste of money.

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