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You might have an “ideal figure” on your head just like the most of us. However, also like the most of us this “ideal figure” only remains in our head, for the truth is we are created equally unique and we just need to know how to emphasize the assets we thought weren’t there and embrace the uniqueness we mistakenly took as flaws. And since we have started talking about “ideal figure” then let’s talk about the different body shapes, just to break that myth lurking somewhere that says "your figure was a total mess". Here are the eight different body shapes, identify which one is yours, and let our simple tips help you embrace and play up some illusions to your own shape and achieve your own version of “ideal figure”.





This is what most of us consider as the perfect figure and some consider them gifted. This shape was characterized by equal measure of bust and hips line while their waist is ten inches smaller. Their weight to height ratio is on the right proportion making this shape symmetrically ideal.

What to wear best?

Having this figure, wearing a body hugging dress will define your perfect curve and as far as I know no woman wants to look fat, therefore for you ladies with hourglass figure, all you have to do is keep the balance. Though it sounds easy we all have witnessed red carpet fashion fails, girls with beautiful figure sabotaging their assets, how? Putting emphasis when it is not needed, it is when “less is more” become so true. Therefore since you have proportioned shoulder to hips measurements, what you do on top should be equally done on the bottom to keep the balance and keep the neat curve on the midriff that define your waistline. For example, cropped top can be worn with high waisted pants, a simple trick to add length on your lower body, this can give you more sophisticated look especially if you wear the right pair of shoes. This also plays with the eyes of those who are looking because something happens on the top with the embellishments and the bottom was not understated since it was cut differently from the usual. So don’t forget keeping the balance is the key for your power dressing.


Spoon Frame

This is sometimes called the “eight (8)” figure, where the bust line is smaller than the hips and the waist is still well defined. Since our goal is to hit the balance then girls with this frame need to exert a little more effort and create a little illusion on your upper body.   

What to wear best?

A good push up bra may do wonders and right necklines may complete the equation. Off shoulders, boat neckline, wide V and U necklines are flattering for this figure. Since this frame is much fuller on the bottom avoid pants and skirts that make your hips look over embellished. Dark pants can also look great on you, and to highlight your well-shaped legs try to show off a little skin, try to wear short-shorts and miniskirts for a change.


Top Hourglass

This is the frame of girls with bit larger bust than hips while the waist is still well define. There’s nothing wrong with this type of figure, however, ladies with this frame mostly experience awkward stares on their upper body and to avoid it, a little extra attention on how they dress is a must!

What to wear best?

Since the challenge here is to narrow down the volume of your upper body you can try any of the following tricks; darker top, narrow V-neckline and channel the attention on your waist. Wear belts that draws attention on your midriff. Wrap type and tailored jackets are highly recommended for this specific frame especially if you want to look modest. And to balance the bottom choose pieces that can add curve where you lack it. A-line skirts is a perfect run to outfit when you are tired pulling it off together, but if you have all the time you need to shop, look for embellished bottoms, little flared pants can be flattering for you as well.


Pear Shaped

Triangle frame as what other call it, here the hips is more prominent compared to the bust and shoulder. The waist is well curved and this make it easier to play with this frame. Since girls with this figure have slimmer arms you can be creative on your tops to hit the balance.

What to wear best?

Necklines like boat, wide V or U necks and off shoulders can create wider shoulder illusion. Accentuate your waist with the help of pinning or belt. Since your top is slimmer than your hips you can try shirts with more embellishments on your bust or shoulders. You can also play a bit with prints and lighter color fabrics. For the bottom, try to keep it low as possible, avoid exaggerated pockets and heavy fabrics. Since your bottom is a bit fuller than usual try not to wear bold prints for the bottoms, prints may work but make sure that it form lines that draws slimming effect.



Inverted Triangle

This frame was characterized by broader shoulder, medium bust, slightly narrow waist and faintly bigger hips. What makes it different from upper hourglass is the broader shoulder, but since the challenge to do the balance is on the bottom part then the fix is almost the same.

What to wear best?

Cropped and structured bottoms can help to bring curves on the hips part. But don’t wear skirts or shorts that are too short, because it can make your upper body look a lot fuller. To balance upper body and narrow it down you can try dark colored, narrow necklines, wrap type shirts and structured jackets. You don’t need too much embellishments on your upper body, if you are ready to be a bit playful with your neckline, you can cut it low but don’t make it too wide, just  a narrow slit on your top, enough to invite curiosity but not to wide to give it all away.


Straight Body Type

Some call this frame as rectangle or ruler type frame and it gained different names and more popularity since majority of American woman has this body shape. This figure was describes as the hips and shoulders are almost of the same wide and the waist is not that defined.

What to wear best?

As how it was described on the top, shoulder and hips have the same measure therefore they also requires equal workout to define the waistline. Necklines that create broader shoulder illusion will help to widen the upper body while full skirts and embellished pants are also great options to add volume on your bottom. Pinning and belts can help accentuate the waistline. Wrap type tops, shirts with fitted waist are also good alternatives as well as structured jackets. The trick is broaden the shoulder a little, add curve on your bottom and keep the midsection fitting.


Oval Body Type

This body shape is characterized by large bust, smaller hips and bigger midsection. Having this said, the goal here is to create an illusion and narrow down the waistline. Attaining the curve on the midriff is a real challenge so try the following tips.

What to wear best?

Your large bust is a good point to start drawing the illusion. Wear necklines that flatter the fullness of your breast such as square, wide V and U necklines. Wrap type tops suits you, as well as tailored jackets. Designs that create vertical lines also help to draw slimming illusion. Empire cut is also a good option, where the cut is on below your breast and it flares a little to your hips. Since the midriff is bigger even the bottoms have to create the same illusion you create on the top. Don’t break the line of illusion you create from top to bottom to make it more effective. If you are working with prints then stick to it, if you choose darker fabric then be it, but don’t over done the two because it can make your wardrobe looks really boring. Play with the colors but drop the embellishments, again “less is more” remains true.


Diamond Frame

What set this frame apart from Oval type body is the smaller bust and shoulder compare to the hips, however the midsection is more prominent in terms of size. So the challenge is to create defined waistline and balance the shoulder to the hips.

What to wear best?

Since you have smaller bust and shoulders, broaden a bit this section helps to create the illusion of curve on the upper body. Try on necklines like wide V or U, boat necklines and off-shoulders to add width on your shoulder. Pinning and narrow belts also work when used properly, using it just below the breast can create illusion of define waist. A-line skirts and bootcut or trouser cut jeans looks great on this body shape. Straight cut skirts and plaid pants are also good options. Stick to dark colored bottoms and you’ll never go wrong.

Again you might not have the “ideal figure” you have in mind, but that doesn’t mean you are not equally gorgeous. Learn to embrace who you are and whatever your shape or size is, there are ways to manage your shape and create illusions that can highlight your strengths and aid your weak points. These are just body frame classification meant to help you know your shape better, they are all beautiful! This is how God made us! We are equally special and unique, move on and use this guide to help you embrace your shape better.


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