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Reformulating "SEXY"

Views and opinions are changing in time. As women find their empowered status in the society the prototype definition of SEXY has also evolved. Like beauty, sex appeal depends in the eye of the beholder. However, from the same stand point one’s charm can be highlighted or improved on certain extent. Here are some tried and tested ways to be knocked out SEXY!

#1 Mind what you're wearing but avoid being too self-obsessed!


Studies have shown that there are certain colors, type of fabric and cuts that affects human brain and help us to exude sexiness. Take the color red, psychology have proven how people relate this color to aggressiveness, as black to mystery. Laces have also affects our imagination that’s why lacy dress and skirts are considered flirty and feminine. Slits and necklines also suggest how much confident one can muster that is why one have to know how much is just “enough” skin. Just follow this simple logic don’t wear anything that you are not comfortable to walk, eat, breathe, or talk in.

Towering heels might be tempting to wear for as we know it really do magic to your posture but it will not serve the purpose if all you want to do is sit the whole time for it kills your legs. Exert all the possible effort to look pristine before you go out but once you are there focus your energy to be at the moment and enjoy the company of people around you. There is nothing sexy about someone who rushes every time to the bathroom to check herself to do a retouch. Don’t be too vain!

#2 Endow a little extra to yourself.

It doesn’t mean spending your hard earn money to luxury items to the point of bankruptcy. Research have shown direct relationship between well-kept crowns to women’s self-esteem. Other than hygiene keeping your hair smooth and silky also affects your confidence therefore a regular salon visit really worth it.

There are also small items we usually neglect that can actually give a kick on your sex appeal. Like the little victorian cincher, nude panties or those lingerie you put on occasionally. Yes! These are private items that only selected eyes can see but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect your outside appearance. Isn’t that a good waist cincher can give you an hourglass figure in an instant as how a push up bra can make an A cup look fuller? Then it is just right to pay little extra attention on these items and make sure to get just the best of its kind.


The other best investment you can do for yourself is to feed your mind. It doesn’t mean you need to get your PhD a.s.a.p. however, investing time, effort and money to learn new things to make yourself more well-rounded. Remember you cannot give what you don’t have, so how can you participate into a stimulating conversation if you are not properly informed?


#3 Charisma make wonders.


Having surrounded by your friends or your best friend gives a vibe that you know how to blend in. And according to survey conducted to American men asking them who is more attractive, girls who go with a group or the one who goes on solo. The survey result suggest that girls who go on solo exude confidence to the point that it makes some men think twice before approaching her, unlike the girls who laugh and joke around with her peers. According to Psychology Today the more you freely express your emotions upfront make you more real to the people around you. Therefore simple gestures like smile and displays of upbeat attitude also affects sex appeal, it’s no-brainer, it is easier to express this positivity when you are in a group rather than you're alone. Isn't that sense of humor is always a deal breaker? Nothing is sexy about a woman who cannot even crack a joke or laugh. 

Charisma can also be seen on how you engage yourself in a conversation. Have you notice how fast you talk or how you incorporate your touch and your eyes when talking with someone? Sex coach Sean Jameson once mention as you slow down your speech around 10% and lower the volume the more engaging you become and the more sexy you sound. And if you will incorporate light strokes in the arms, shoulder or back you subtly intensify your conversation like a natural seductress. Eye contact also suggests that he can dig deeper.

#4 Good character can never be outdated.

As the saying goes, clothes can hide flaws on your figure. Makeup can mask blemishes on your skin. But you cannot fabricate an awful character because its ugly head can show up anytime. Being bitchy can never be sexy. Some girls make up excuses to justify their rough attitudes like mood swing due to dieting or that they are bit irritable because they are tired working out to keep their figures. But as I’ve said these are plainly excuses!

Your diet is not right if it affects your mood. Modifying your diet doesn’t mean starving yourself, the key is keep your balance and stick to more healthy options. Munch in to nuts or dried fruits when your body is shouting for a quick fix that way it can calm your mood hormones. On the other hand working out should be fun, if it tires you that you can't even engage to a friendly chat after, then you should try to look for a different way to exercise. Remember there is nothing sexy for being ill mannered.

Having been said all these, can you honestly consider yourself SEXY? Well, we all deserve to be called sexy therefore if you missed any of these you can start today and do the necessary modifications. Just keep in mind that you are not really doing this to please anyone, you’ll change because it feels good to be confident and it feels good to be called SEXY period!

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