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Reflection of a Modern Woman


Gone are the days that women are conforming to what the society dictates. The best thing for being part of this generation is the freedom to be who you want to be. We are free to choose the fashion style we want and make our own fashion statement. We are free to climb the career ladders that are dominated by men for how many decades. And we can make our own living so we no longer depend on men to provide for us and that gave us the freedom to draw our own love story, far from the drafts laid before us, one that has been drafted thinking about financial security and convenience.

This is the real picture of modern woman we all belong. A person who do not need someone to make her whole. A person who can laugh on her own mistakes, pick up herself and grind back because she is too determined to win.  A person who is fully aware of her weaknesses yet is up to the challenge because she knew that her weaknesses should not define her. A person who embrace her flaws because she already accepted that her imperfection makes her more human - more real.



The perfect picture of the modern woman, is she who in spite of hurts and difficulties can keep a heart full of love enough to make her children feel secured. Her eyes is burning with passion to be the best while wearing different hats all at the same time. She is full of courage and hope that cannot be shaken by uncertainties. She glide with pride and dignity, and yes with those pointed heels. Self-respect and confidence keeps her warm more than the trendy coat hanging on her shoulders. Her warm smile that reach through her eyes is her priceless adornment beside that red lipstick. She is a person of her own and her mind is boundless that no one but herself can control.

This is the reflection of the modern woman. The perfect reflection of you and me!

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