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7 Practical Ways to be on Workout Mode During Busy Workdays

It is so easy to make excuses and set aside your plans to workout especially on a busy workdays. So here are some practical tips you can do to be on a workout mode while doing your normal routine.

#1 Set your alarm 30 minutes earlier than usual.

Rising with at least few minutes allowance will give you enough time to do your morning stretching. This will help you prepare your muscles for more strenuous activities throughout your busy day. A few minutes of meditation in the morning can also help you set your mind into more productive mood.

#2 Walk or ride a bike on your way to work.

Since you got up earlier than usual you can allot few minutes to walk or ride a bike as a means of transport if you are privileged to live around the vicinity of your office. But if you really have to ride a cab or use your car this extra minutes can be use by dropping off the cab few blocks away from your office or park your car farther than usual to give yourself few yards to walk on.

#3 Take the stairs rather than the elevator.

I know it’s hard to do it using your stilettos so slip on your comfy sneakers since you are earlier than usual you have all the right to lay low from being posh. Climb few floors using the stairs it’ll definitely excites your sleeping nerves and call your system into full alertness.

#4 Go out on coffee or lunch breaks.

Going out doesn’t mean you will run to the nearest Starbucks and order your venti Frappuccino that will definitely void the purpose of this practical tips. What we mean by going out is take a different course than usual. Instead of taking your breaks on your office pantry or cafeteria why not walk around and look for healthy options. You already spend time for another set of walking plus you won’t feel guilty stocking another unhealthy meal on your system.

#5 Spare the messenger or your secretary once in a while.

You need more copy of the documents? Stand up from your table and go to the copier, reproduce it yourself. This might not be the usual practice in your office but if that will not hinder your productivity, then why not?! Just think of the benefits you are gaining by doing so. The more you move and the more active you get, the easier for you to burn those extra calories and fats sitting somewhere.

#6 Set time to disconnect.

Sometimes it’s hard to leave the loads behind your office doors but for your wellness sake, leave it there and don’t look back. If you still have time and remaining energy you could do an end of day walking or biking. Different studies have already proven that exercising at least 4 hours before going to bed will give you a better sleep. So when you timed out turn of your working phone or shut off the alarms of your work mails disconnecting yourself from the stress of your work will signal your system to cool down. This is the perfect time for them to repair worn out muscles on your system and battle free radicals.

#7 Wear the right gear to get optimum result.

We know you will disagree to wear sweat pants and sports shirt in a regular workdays but that’s not what we mean by wearing the right gear. There are products in the market that you can wear under your office clothes like the waist trainer, cinchers and body control apparel Bonita Bella is offering. They are made of high quality material that are so light and can be worn seamlessly beneath your clothes and keep them unnoticeable just like our little secret. These products can help you get your desired shape in no time. As you know while working out we are practically burning fats between muscles and we are creating frictions between them these body control apparel holds our muscles together just like a second layer of tighter skin. It also good to avoid sagging skin and muscles after trimming excess fat from our body.

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