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Embracing Change

As how the saying goes the only constant thing in this world is change. None of us here is exempted with this inherent process. Whether it is big or small at one point of our life we face that threshold where we need to step towards change.

Just take a look on your old photos taken ten or fifteen years ago and look at your reflection in the mirror. Have you noticed fine lines that weren’t there before, or that clothes you wore on that picture is it on the same size as what you are wearing today? Most probably not, therefore whether you like it or not as time passes by though you try so hard to keep things as it is you cannot escape change.

So start LIVING!

You might not have the perfect life you wish for but learn to embrace each moment that you are graced with. Each experiences whether it is good or bad will gear you with the learning that is exclusively for you. We all have our battle scars but instead of complaining how things become too difficult for you, why not look on the silver lining of each combat you gone through. For sure you are this stronger and wiser woman today because you were able to hurdle the challenges life has thrown on your way.

Just like butterflies that gone through a painstaking process of metamorphosis flutter your wings and fly. Go out of your comfort zone and explore the beauty of life. Today you are facing another challenge, another battle that is yet to win. Brace yourself with confidence and welcome change as it comes, time is too precious to be wasted pondering over things you wish to accomplish. Stand up and start with your little steps, your movement might be too subtle but with patience and perseverance you will get there.

Do not forget whatever change may bring YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!

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