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how each and every one of you is able to wear a flattering and chic 1M $ look with no effort!

Every size, every age, every budget, you’re gorgeous! 

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Today we would like to show you how each and every one of you is able to wear a flattering and chic 1M $ look with no effort!

The formula is simple- It doesn’t matter what you wear, you just need to make sure you always have one item that will be tight on your body and one that is not tight .The trick is to know how to balance!


 It is all based on an optical illusion. By using this formula you can narrow your waist and hips and improve your appearance significantly in seconds!

Take a look at the figures below:

Looking at the figures above, which purple circle is bigger?

Actually, both circles are the same size. an illusion was created by making us think that the circle which we see on the right is smaller.

The reason lies in the ratio between the circle center and the Circles around it. The bigger the circles are around, the smaller the center circle will look. Of course, it works the other way around.

 And how does all of this relate to your styling?

It’s all about having a sophisticated distance between your body and the garment.  The space between the garment and the body gives the hint that you're thinner than you look.

When you wear tight clothes, there is no place for imagination as to your curves, as opposed to when you wear clothes that are a little looser- which give an appearance of a more narrow figure.



Here are a few tips..

  • Sometimes the clothes that are a little looser flatter you more.
  • Wear clothes that accent the curves of your body but don’t cling and constrict.
  • Make sure you don’t wear clothes that are too big for you. They will hide your curves and will cause the opposite effect.
  • Do you like wearing shorts? Excellent. Pay attention to keeping your pants a little loose in order to give you a slimmer look. If you like butt lifter look- so you can always wear one of our secrets short shaper to enhance your gluteus!
  • If you want to hide your stomach, wear a shaper that flattens abdomen and a Shirt that is a little Looser on the body can do wonders.
  • If you like wearing Tights, That’s Excellent! They look the best with a tonic.

After going over the different tips, now it is your turn to try it at home!

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